Oil on canvas (2019)

70 cm in diameter


This original artwork is represented by Galerie Bonnard, for purchase enquiries please contact David Van der Linden at david@galeriebonnard.com.

Autumn brocade

  • Warm layers of translucent paint building up to a golden crescendo. Abundant masses of leaves are trembling in the sunlight, mingling, dissolving and taking you beyond figurative, but only if you allow to. King of the show is the "Indian yellow" which refracts the light so beautifully.

    Autumn Brocade’s title was inspired by “kinshu”, a Japanese word having many connotations, including embroidery, brocade, poetic writing and the brilliance of autumn leaves. Similarly to Teru Miyamoto’s novel of the same title, Marie uses this concept as a vibrant metaphor for the complex and intimate human and temporal relationships.

    This work is part of Marie’s empowering Under the Same Blue Sky series, which has been warmly welcomed by collectors around the world.