Oil on canvas board (2018)

20 x 30 inch | 50 x 76 cm

Ships in a cardboard box



  • As we grow older we improve our ability to navigate in the complex shades of grey. Instead, we sometimes forget how colourful the world used to be when we were kids, when it seemed possible to "take bites out of the rainbow nougat of the sunset" (as Simone de Beauvoir once described in her diaries).

    In this optimistic painting, as afternoon light fades into the distance, the intense yellows of the foreground zig zag up the hill until disolving into the cool mist of the distant hills. Marie Pol's brush strokes are impressionistic and bold, capturing the scintillating light and adding energy to the scene.

    Painting is executed on a canvas board which is a more solid support for impasto paint application as compared to a stretched canvas.

  • We fully guarantee that you will love your Marie Pol original painting! We accept exchanges and returns for original oil paintings for any reason within 14-days, no questions asked.