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I often think of "building up the surface" in the same way as non-representational painters would do, however, by retaining the subject, I invite the viewer to flip back and forth between representation and abstraction, between the cosmos and the chaos. Marie Pol  

Marie's work explores vulnerability and emotional exposure as essential components for creativity, belonging and empathy. Exposure to risk - being the birthplace of both courage and love - manifests in the gestural yet lyrical quality of her paintings.

In her art, Marie also reflects on the distinction between representation and abstraction. She is an avid believer that within representation there are abstract ideas and vice versa. The moments of switching gears between the two are as fundamental as they are breathtaking.

So by taking seemingly easy and familiar subjects Marie creates situations allowing to release the abstract energies. She wants the viewer to wander between reality of the scene and the reality of the painting process and in this sense she is inspired by the old masters as much as by the Abstract Expressionists.


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