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Marie has studied academic art from the prestigious Imperial Academy of Arts, St Petersburg, followed by years of experimentation and self-education.

A true citizen of the world who has lived across three continents, Marie internalizes all that vast and diverse cultural experience into a unique painterly style. In her oil paintings, she elegantly fuses classical heritage with contemporary visual codes. Her style oscillates between the representation and abstraction, the sensual and the visceral, the illusionism and the textured physicality of the medium.

Marie Pol is influenced by Classical and Neoclassical sculpture as well as by the work of Rothko, Vélasquez and Bouguereau to name a few.

Before becoming a full-time artist in 2018, Marie has built a successful career with Deloitte. She holds an MA in French Language and Literature and a BSc in Economics. Marie is fluent in English, French, Russian, Spanish and

If not painting, you will probably find her reading, dancing tango or planning the next mountain adventure.

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"Genesis", The House of Fine Art (HOFA), London, UK

Art Market San FranciscoHOFA Gallery, San Francisco, California, United States

Palm Beach Modern + ContemporaryHOFA Gallery, Palm Beach Florida, United States

Art WynwoodHOFA Gallery, Miami, United States

Affordable Art Fair, FEMME+, Sydney, Australia


Summer Group Exhibition, HOFA Gallery, London, UK

Affordable Art Fair, FEMME, Sydney, Australia

Sketch Collective Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

The Other Art Fair, The Cutaway Barangaroo, Sydney, Australia

Art MiamiHOFA Gallery, Miami, California, United States


"The Power of Nature", Galerie Bonnard, Netherlands

The Other Art Fair, Sydney, Australia (Fair Director's pick)

Bluethumb Curator's Picks, Adelaide, Australia


"Under the Same Blue Sky", Azaro Art Spaces, Hamburg, Germany 

ArtSeize Group Exhibition, Grids&Circles, Singapore
“The 35 x 35 Russian Art Project”, Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece

"Vulnerability" (pop up exhibition), Singapore


“Pop Art”, "Women in Art" Werkkunst Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Affordable Art Fair, Studio Paradise Gallery, Singapore


Marie Pol’s paintings can be found in private collections across Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, India, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States. 

Her work is also part of the permanent collection at Copelouzos Family Art Museum, Athens, Greece.

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