About Marie Pol

If you can express it with words, then why painting? We should reserve this medium to capturing the feelings and visions that have not been conquered by the language yet. Marie Pol
Known for her striking colour and texture when dealing with oil paints, Marie creates visions and dreams that speak to the cosmopolitans of today.  From the energetic landscapes in Under the Same Blue Sky to subtle and acute Back to Antiquity, her work meets you where you are and brings you where you want to be.
Originally from St.Petersburg, Russia, Marie currently lives and creates in Sydney. She exhibits locally and internationally. Her work is represented byAzaro Art Spaces (Germany), Galerie Bonnard (Netherlands) and is featured on highly curated contemporary art platforms such as theArtling (Singapore), 1stDibs (United States) and ARTLAND (Denmark) to name a few

Artworks which are not exhibited at the moment can be purchased directly from this website with the worldwide delivery. 

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