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So what is the story behind?

You might have seen a caption on my website which says "Art with a story". And you may very well wonder, so what's the story, Marie?

Here I am sharing the mental and emotional lining of my three recent artworks which have all found happy homes by now.

Marie Pol Dream garden oil painting Singapore
Marie Pol "Dream garden"

"Dream Garden" 

Oil on canvas

18 x 18 inch

This was a commission that I completed for a corporate client in Singapore. It was intended as a retirement gift to a Senior Partner of one of the top tier consulting firms. Given that he will be entering the next phase in life and knowing his preference for bold colours, I decided that the painting should carry a symbolic meaning and suggested to paint a dream garden as it is a timeless subject.

In the foreground I depicted a strong solid tree symbolizing the gift recipient and his wisdom. In the background - younger trees symbolizing his legacy and the new generaltion of the company's leaders. I chose an optimistic and vibrant colour scheme invoking the bright future for both the firm and the retiring Partner.

Marie Pol Dream Garden Oil painting Singapore
Work in progress. Fort Canning, Singapore

The artwork was completed at the beautiful Fort Canning park in Singapore.

Marie Pol Wonderful world oil painting singapore
Marie Pol. "Wonderful world"

"Wonderful world" 

Oil on canvas

36 x 24 inch

The idea to create this artwork struck me when I was listenning to Louis Armstrong. I visualized a light, jazzy landscape which warms you from inside out and puts a smile on your face.

Marie Pol Wonderful world oil painting Singapore
"Wonderful world", details

I wanted the painting to have a certain groove and rythm. So I drizzled it with electrifying strokes of orange, lavender and emerald. This canvas is now warming a house of a collector in Zurich.

Marie Pol Red symphony Oil painting Singapore
Marie Pol. Red symphony (2018)

"Red symphony"

Oil on canvas

20 x 16 inch

This painting was inspired by a garden at Le Manoir de Tessy, Normandie, where I stayed in May 2018. I decided to stretch the figurative concept towards abstraction (as early Kandinsky did). Intestingly enough, it ended up in Moscow, Russia, where it is brightening up the gorgeous space of Meguiar's Russia. What were the chances!

Thank you for your time reading this! For more artworks and more stories, you are welcome here:

Warm regards

Marie Pol

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